Episode 10

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Huh?! Whoa!







I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

(HUMS) Ha! Yeah.


(LAUGHS) Done!

Ooh, hello, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

Hey, have a look at

all the green things we've got.

Can I eat them, Sally?

No, Possum. They're no good.

They're the weeds

we had to pull out of the ground.

The soil has things in it that help

make the plants grow big and strong.

And if the weeds are growing

next to the vegetables,

then the weeds take

all the good things out of the soil

and stop the vegetables

from growing big and strong.


And that's why we have to

pull the weeds out.

And that's why we put them all

in here.


Oh, can I put all these

in the rubbish bin?

No. (LAUGHS) No!

That's why we have

a brand-new compost bin.

Ohh. Yeah. Can I put them in?

Oh, yes.



Oh, that's great.


Great. Now I'm going to

put some dirt in.

Ah. Hmm.

Sally, how do weeds

turn into compost?


Well, first you put

all the ingredients in

and then you add some dirt.

That helps break it down a little.

We could also

add some grass clippings

or the leaves that have

fallen off the trees.

Oh. Ooh! (GASPS)

Does that mean the little bin in the

kitchen with the food scraps in it,

can that go in there?

Oh, yes, it can.

Could you get it, please?


Ah. Hmm.

Oh, there it is.

Mm-hm. Yes.


This is it.







That's great.

Now that we've filled it up,

we just need to put a little bit

of water in there.

Not too much.

And then we can use the fork

to get some air circulating.

Then lots of insects will start to

eat the leaves and twigs

and whatever else is in there

and they'll break it down

to become beautiful soil

and that will help everything grow.

It really is amazing to think

that weeds that are bad

can compost into

something that's reusable.

And that is called recycling.


So the bad weeds

turn into something good.

Oh, that's great.

Oh, well,

we've done such a good job here.

I think it's time we have something

to eat and drink.

Oh, yeah. (LAUGHS)



Oh, it was delicious.

Sally, watch this.

Are you ready? Oh!



Oh, that was a great throw, Possum.

You're so good. But...

Why did you throw it into that bin?

Well, I love throwing anything

in the bin,

regardless of its shape or size.

I'm such a pro.

Well, that's great.

But did you know that metal cans

can be recycled?

You should've thrown it into

the other bin.


They can take metal away

and melt it down into other things.

It's reusable.

That's called recycling.


You know, if you cook too much food,

you don't need to waste it.

Or if you're full and have some

left on your plate,

we don't throw that away either.

We could eat it the next day

or add it to another meal.

We don't ever waste food.

Sally, I never waste food.

I make sure I eat it all up.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, yes.

You're very helpful in making sure

we don't waste any food, Possum!



Sally, do you often waste things?

Oh, no. I hate wasting things.

When I go to the shop,

I like to buy fresh food.

I don't like buying things that are

prepackaged in paper or plastic.

Oh. That's right.

And I know in your craft box there's

lots of stuff that we can reuse.

We've made lots of things out of

the recycled bits and pieces.

Do you remember the egg carton

than we had?

We put those seeds in there.

And when they grew,

they looked like a caterpillar!

Yes, that looked great.

Yeah, and we made

that scrap collage.

Oh, that was beautiful,

wasn't it, Possum?


It's a lot of fun

to do things like that.

To do that is to reuse.


Oh. That's like my cricket ball.

I always reuse my cricket ball.

I would never throw it away.

Yes, well,

I am relieved to hear that.

Because if you wanted

to play cricket,

that would mean I'd have to buy you

a cricket ball every time.

I'd have to go back and forth

to the shop every day,

and that would be wasteful.


Oh, you are funny, Possum.

But that's not the real meaning of

reuse, though.

If we buy something and we've

used it for a specific purpose,

instead of throwing it into the bin,

we can try and use it

for something else.

For example, we might be able

to use it as a container.

That's what I mean by reusing.

Oh, I see.

There are two different things.

There's recycling

and there's reusing.

Ah, they're different.

That's right.

I like to try to reduce the amount of

things around the house that I use.

Another example is my car.

The shop is just around the corner

so I don't drive there because

that would be a waste of petrol.

I walk to the shop, and that way

I don't have to keep putting petrol

in my car.

When I go shopping for food,

I take my own bags.

I don't want to use

their plastic bags.

I don't want a big pile of them here.

And, Possum, remember that time

you reduced the amount of things in

your tree by taking some things out?

Yeah, but there's still

lots of things in there

at the moment, Sally. (LAUGHS)

(LAUGHS) Oh, Possum.

I tell you what,

why don't we watch some children

learning about recycling?

(GASPS) Yeah, let's watch.

Paper recycling!



That was great.

Yeah, they were great at recycling.

Oh, I've learned so much.

Sally, you and I are really good

at reusing things,

but I learned so much

from those children.

Oh. Mmm.

Oh, Possum, you look like

you're thinking of something.

What is it?

Oh, well, Sally,

I was thinking

there's lots of things in my tree.

I think I might divide them

into things I can recycle

and things that I can reuse.

Oh, yes.

Hmm, yeah.

Oh, I've had a thought, Possum.

Why don't we

sort through the rubbish too?

And we can work out what can be

recycled, like this milk bottle.

Can you put that out there?

Oh, yeah.

Ooh, ooh, and, Sally...


Can you please make me some signs

with the names of the things

that I can recycle?


Hmm. I'm going to need cardboard...






..and metal.


I can make those for you.

Oh, great.






Right. I think I've got more

in my tree.




This... Oh, that can go there.

And there.

Mmm... Oh, over here.

Yeah. Hmm.

Oh, Sally!

Hi, Possum.

Would you like me to put these down?

Yes. Oh... Ah.

Yeah, that one goes there.


Oh, no, in front.


And - oop - there.

Plastic. Mm-hm.

Mmm. Oh, and right there.



Ooh, move this over.

Yep. Right there, Sally.



Great. Is that what you needed?


I'll go back inside now.




I think I've got more in my tree.


(LAUGHS) Hmm. Yep.


Ah. Yep.

Ooh, ah.


Uh... Oh!

Mmm. Mm-hm.




Now... (LAUGHS)



Mm-hm. Mmm.




Mm. Ah.


Hmm. Mm-hm.

There's so many things here.

Did this all come out of your tree?

Yes, it did. I've got more in there.

But I want to use those things

for art and craft and other things.

Mmm. Let me show you all the things

that can be recycled.


Right. Now, that's cardboard.






And metal.


That's great. Well done, Possum.

It's wonderful that you've sorted

all of this out.

Why don't we watch some children

telling us more about recycling?

(GASPS) Let's watch!

It's good for the earth

when there is no rubbish.

At home, I have a compost bin

to put scraps in

and help fertilise the garden

and help it grow.

Not wasting things

is very good for the planet.

I like to think of different ways

I can reuse my rubbish.

My family at home sort our rubbish.

We put rubbish in the rubbish bin

and other things like metal,

steel, paper and plastic,

we put into the recycling bin.

At home, we have a compost bin.

We tip it out onto the garden

to help it grow.

I think recycling is very important

because it saves the earth.

At my home,

we use vegetable peelings

and we put them in the garden

to help the flowers grow

and become beautiful.

Ohh, that was great!

Yes, those children were very

knowledgeable about recycling,

weren't they?

And today we've learned so much about

what can be thrown into the rubbish

and what can be recycled.

Look at what you've done here.

Well done.

Yeah, and there's no need

to waste anything.

We can always reuse things

to keep the world healthy and clean

for years to come.

That's right.

We should always look at

what we're throwing away

and think if it can be reused or not.

It's a very good thing for us to do.


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Ooh. Oh, Sally?


I could keep this. I could reuse it.

Possum the recycler

Possum loves to throw things, but he must throw them in the right place. He learns more about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Where did all those things come from, Possum?

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