Episode 11

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Huh?! Whoa!







I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

Oh, hello, everyone.

I'm reading this book while Possum

is outside playing.

He's going to be all hot and sweaty,

and he'll come in wanting

a nice, cold drink soon.

Whoa, whoa.

Ooh. Ah!


Oh, hi, everyone.

I'm now going to throw it

into the third hoop.

Oh, I missed!


Oh, well, it's Sally's turn now.

Oh, but she's inside.

That's OK, I'll have her turn.


Ready? Throw it.

Yeah! Ha, ha!

Right, jump, jump, jump - oop!

Hop, hop. Yeah!

Oh, that was so much fun.

Oh, I really enjoyed that.

Oh, it is such a hot day.

Luckily, I have a nice, cold glass

of water inside,

and it's even colder,

because I've put some ice in it

from the freezer.


I'm so thirsty.

I need that drink.

Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!


Hi, Sally.

Is it nice and hot outside, Possum?

Oh, yes, it's very hot.

I want a nice, cold drink

to quench my thirst.



Huh? Huh?


This is very strange.

I'm going to need

my magnifying glass for this.

Possum, what's the matter?

Is there something wrong?

No, nothing, Sally.

You just continue reading your book.

Oh, OK.

Hmm. I don't want to worry Sally.

Remember when I told you that I put

some ice in my nice, cold drink?

But look - now the ice is missing!


I'll need to check Sally's glass

to see if there's ice in there.

Hmm, hang on.


(GASPS) Look! She has ice!

Oh. Hang on.

I haven't got ice, and she has.

Did she take it?

No, no, no. Oh, I can't be sure.

This is a real mystery.

Possum? What's the matter?

What are you looking at?

Um, hang on.

Sally, you're my friend, aren't you?

Oh, yes, of course I'm your friend.

What's the matter? Please tell me.

Well, before, I had ice in my glass.

And you've got ice in yours.

And now mine's missing.

Did you take my ice?


No, Possum, I got this ice

from the freezer.

I filled up my glass and put the ice

in it so I could drink it.

Have you tried your drink yet?

No, not yet.

Try it.


Ooh, ooh, that's very cold.


How did it get so cold?

There's no ice in there.

Well, there was ice in there before,

but it's melted.

When you went outside to play,

the heat made the ice melt.


The ice in my glass will soon melt,


Oh, I get it.

I was so worried that it was

missing, but it had just melted.


Oh, yes, that's right.

Water really is an amazing thing.

When it comes out of the tap,

it's a liquid.

And when you put it in the freezer,

it turns into a solid,

and it becomes ice.

Then, when you take it out,

and you leave it in the heat,

it melts again,

and becomes a liquid.

Wow! Sally, can you watch ice melt?

Oh, yes.

Can we see it?

Of course.

Why don't you grab the ice tray,

and we can watch the ice melt?

Oh, OK.

Ha, ha.


Oh. Ha, ha.

That's great, Possum.

Oh, great.

Possum, why don't we do

an experiment?

Let's get some glasses and fill them

with different types of water,

and see what the ice cubes do.

We can see which one melts

the fastest.

Oh yeah!

We're going to need some glasses.

Let's get them.


Ha, ha.

Stop. Good, great.


Now we've got the glasses ready.

We've got hot water in this one.

Tap water in this one.

And this one's got cold water in it.

And this one's got no water.

Now we need to put an ice cube

in each of the glasses,

and as soon as we've done that,

I will start the timer,

and when the ice has melted,

you let me know and I'll write down

how long it took to melt, OK?

Oh, OK.


I'm ready.

One, dun, dun, dun.



Ha, ha. Ooh.

Now, Sally, now!


Oh, great.



Hmmm. Oh!


Now, Sally.



Sally, this is taking too long.

Why don't we go outside

and play some hopscotch?

OK, let's go.

Alright, let's go.

Come on.

Oh, Sally, look!


Sally, it's almost ready.


Sally, all of them have melted,

but this last one has not.

That's right.

Come on, let's go outside

and play some soccer.

Good idea, let's go.

Come on!

Ooh, ah. Oh.

Oh, it's almost melted.

Sally, the hot water

was the fastest.


Then the tap water,

then the cold water,

and the slowest was no water.

That's right.

Oh, what a great experiment.

I really enjoyed that.

Well, why don't we clean this up and

I can get ready to make our muffins?

Oh, yeah!

Alright, let's put this away.


Healthy coconut and carrot muffins.


Let's see what we need.

Now, we don't actually need

a whole coconut.

What we need is shredded coconut.

The shredded coconut is the

white stuff inside the coconut,

which is what I have here.

We also need some coconut oil.

Oh, I know what the oil is. That's

the liquid that smells delicious.

Yes, that's right.

Oh, I put it in the fridge, Sally.

Should I get it?

OK, you get it, Possum.


You watch,

he's going to get a real shock.

Hmm, Sally, is this it?

Yes, that's the coconut oil.


This is a real mystery.



It smells the same,

but why has it gone white and hard?

Did someone come in

and swap it over?



Hmm, hmm.

Possum, I can see you're trying

to solve the mystery.

How about while you're trying to

solve it,

we watch some children

learning about things that can melt?

That might give you a few ideas.

Oh, yeah, let's watch.

Oh, that was great.

Yeah! I'm learning a lot

about this mystery.

Oh, yes.

Oh, I know.

When you put water into a tray

and you put it into the freezer,

it becomes hard.

Yes, it does.

And then you get a cup of water

and you put some ice in the cup,

and it slowly melts -

like butter, too.

If you put the butter

into a hot pan, it melts.

That's right.

And cheese as well.


You put cheese on a pizza

and put it into the oven,

when it gets nice and hot,

the cheese melts.

Does that mean that when some things

get cold they become hard,

and when they get hot, they melt?

That's exactly right, Possum.

That means the mystery of the

coconut oil has been solved.



Before, when it was in the fridge,

it went white and hard,

and now it's a liquid again.


That's right, Possum. Good job.

The liquid gets poured into the tray

and in the freezer it's so cold

that it becomes solid, which is ice.

The coconut oil, when you put it

into the fridge,

is cold enough

for it to become solid.

So we're talking about liquids

getting hard.


When they're hard,

they've become solid.

Oh, that's great!

Well, are we ready

to make our muffins?


First, you need to wash your hands,

and I'll get a few things we need,

like the flour, OK?


We're going to need a cup of flour.

One cup.


Ha, ha.

Now we need some cinnamon.


Ha, ha.

We need some honey.


(SNIFFS) Mm-hm.

Smells good?


Ha, ha.

Now the coconut oil.




In there. This one.


Ha, ha! Hup, hup, hup.

Ha, yeah! Oh!

Oh, Sally, it's your turn.

Oh, OK.


Oh, they smell great.


Oh, Sally, I'm so glad we solved

the mystery of the melting ice.

Oh, yes, that was good.

We have learnt that some things can

change when the temperature changes.

Oh, and Sally,

you've changed as well.

What? Huh?

Me? I haven't changed.


How have I changed?

You're wearing your hat.

You weren't wearing it earlier.

Oh, you are funny, Possum!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Right, here you go, Sally.

The melting mystery

Hey! What happened to the ice in Possum’s drink? Is this another case for Police Officer Possum? Or does Possum need to learn more about how things change?

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