Episode 12

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Huh?! Whoa!







I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

Ah, hmm.


Oh, hello, everyone.

I've just made a pie,

and I've put it in the oven to bake.

I know that Possum

is going to smell it baking

and he will come straight in -

you watch.


Oh, hello, everyone.

Oh, I can smell something -

it's delicious.

Sally must be cooking something.

Ooh, let's have a look.




Ha, ha.

Here he is! (LAUGHS)


Hello, Possum.

Oh, that smells delicious!

Can I eat it? Is it ready?

No, you'll have to wait half an hour

for it to bake,

so give it 30 minutes

and it will be ready.

Sally, half an hour's not long, but

why do I have to wait 30 minutes?

That's too long!

They're actually

the same amount of time, Possum.

When you're looking at a clock,

and the big hand

goes all the way around,

that's one hour - 60 minutes.

For half an hour,

it means the big hand

only goes halfway round the clock.

Half of 60 minutes is 30 minutes.

And that's half an hour.

Can you check the clock?



Sally, I'd love to learn more about

time, but the clock's not there.

What? Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry, Possum -

I completely forgot.

The clock had something wrong

with it and it stopped working,

so I gave it to Skip

to see if he could fix it.

Oh, OK.

Oh, OK.

Skip's very clever at fixing things.

He's great.

Have we been talking

for half an hour yet?

Oh, no, no, no, Possum.

It's only been a minute.

Just one little minute.

You need to wait for 30 of them

before the pie will be ready.

Oh, OK.

I'm going to need that clock

so I can look at it

to know when the pie is ready.

I'd better go see Skip and check to

see if he's fixed the clock yet, OK?

Oh, yes - great idea, Possum.

While you're there,

can you ask him if he'd like to come

over and eat some pie later?

Yep, OK.




Ha, ha, ha! Ahoy there, Possum.

Hello, Skip.

Come on in. How are you?

Good. Skip, have you finished fixing

Sally's clock?

Yes, I've finished,

and it is working.

Sally had put in a new battery,

but it wasn't working.

I did a bit of investigating

and found out

that the contacts were dirty.

So I cleaned them up

and now the clock is ticking!

Oh, good - I need this clock,

because Sally is cooking a pie and

she said I had to wait 30 minutes.

Have you and I been chatting

for 30 minutes?

Half an hour? Oh, no, we've only

been chatting for half a minute.

Oh. Half a minute?

How long is that?

30 seconds.

Seconds - what's that?


Has Sally talked to you about time?

Oh, yes.

Well, one hour is 60 minutes.

Half an hour is 30 minutes.

And the pie is cooked

for 30 minutes, or half an hour.

Very good!

Well, a minute

has got 60 seconds in it.



seconds are lots of fun to watch.

Some clocks have a second hand,

and some don't.


Look at the orange hand here -

it's going

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.


I can see it.

I have an older clock over here

that doesn't have a second hand.

Come and have a look at this one.


It's the same as Sally's clock.

It's round,

and it's got hands on it.

Yes, it is like Sally's clock.

But there are

a few things different.

Have a look.

Do you see that thing

swinging back and forth?

That's called a pendulum.

It swings back and forth,

and every time

it gets back to the start,

a second has gone by.


It's interesting -

clocks make noises,

but we don't need to hear them,


We can just see them.

Oh, so does that mean...

..one, two, three, four, five?

Is that right?

Yes, you're right.

Oh, that's great.

That's interesting.

So when you get to

60 back and forths,

that means 60 seconds,

and that is one minute.

And then once the minute hand

is turned right round the clock,

that's 60 minutes,

which is one hour.

Oh, I get it!

That's great. Skip, watch me.


Two. Three.

Four. (LAUGHS) That's seconds!

(LAUGHS) That's great.

Right. Well, I'd better go and see

if the pie's ready.

Do you want to come and eat some?

Oh, no, Possum.

I'm going to go up

to the top of my crow's nest

and watch the clouds

and look at the birds fly by.

But make sure you take

the clock back and give it to Sally.

Sally might be able

to tell you more about time.

Right, OK.

Thank you, Skip. Bye.

OK, bye.




Hmm, little hand and big hand -






Skip's finished fixing it -

it's ready.

Great. Thanks for bringing it over.

Can I put it up?

Oh, yes, can you do that?



Ah! Done!

Oh, great.

Sally, I learned so much about time.

In Skip's shed, he has a very old

clock that he showed me.


It's like your clock, but instead of

ticking, it's got a pendulum.


Ooh! And it goes like this -

watch me.

(LAUGHS) One. Two.



That's how many seconds

have gone by.

Oh, yes, you're right, Possum.

A pendulum swinging is so much fun

to watch, isn't it?


The pendulum is

what makes the hands move in time.

Other clocks don't have a pendulum,

but they still work.

Some of them have got a minute hand,

which is the longer hand,

and that counts the minutes.

And the shorter one

is the hour hand,

and they go

round and round the clock.

Yes, that's right.

I saw your clock and Skip's clock.

The long hand

goes all the way around.

That's minutes. When it goes all

the way around, that's one hour.

That's right.

And the short hand is slow.

That's the hours.

That's right, Possum.

Have a look.


I've made you a clock.


The long hand is the minute hand...

..and the short hand

is the hour hand.


And it has the numbers 1 to 12.


If the minute hand

is pointing at the 12...

..we need to look at what the hour

hand is pointing at.


It's pointing at 3.

So that means it's 3 o'clock.


Can you make a time for me?


Mmm...that one.

Sally, it's 4 o'clock!




That's right.

If the minute hand

is pointing straight to the top

and the hour hand is on the 4,

that means it's 4 o'clock.

Now...can you make it 7 o'clock?

Ooh, OK.






7 o'clock.

That's right.

Now, I'm going to make a time.



What time is it now?


One, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine - it's 9 o'clock.

That's right.

Another one. Hmm.

Ooh, so that means nine, ten -

11 o'clock, Sally. It's 11 o'clock.

That's right. One more.



Both pointing up...

Ah, it's 12 o'clock.

Yes, you're right, it is 12 o'clock -

good job.

Sally, when's the pie ready?

What time?

1 o'clock.

1 o'clock?


It's 1 o'clock now - it's ready!










Sally, this is my favourite time.

Do you know why? Because the pie

is ready and I can eat it!


It's still a bit too hot, Possum.

We need to let it cool down.

While we wait, why don't we watch

some children learning about time?

Yeah, let's watch!


24 hours makes one day.

60 minutes makes one hour.

2 o'clock.

The little hand is at the 3

and the big hand is at the 12,

which means 3 o'clock.

4 o'clock.

9 o'clock.

6 o'clock.



Oh, that was great.

Yeah, that was fantastic.

Those kids are just like me -

learning so much about time.

Now, remember,

there's 60 minutes in an hour.

That's right.

And one minute has 60 seconds in it.


And the pie took 30 minutes,

or half an hour, to bake.

You're right, Possum.

And I'm looking at the pie

and I think it's ready.

Great! Oh, yay!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Now... Ooh!





The clock

Half an hour is a long time for Possum to wait for food. What a good time to learn about telling the time and about clocks. The pie must be ready by now!

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