Episode 4

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Huh?! Whoa!







I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

Oh, yum!





Oh, hello, everyone.

Oh, hi, everyone.

Oh, it's such a lovely evening.

I wanted to sit outside,

have a drink and something to eat,

and enjoy the stars.

Possum's joined me too.

Yeah. Great idea, Sally.

It's so beautiful, looking up

at all the stars.

Sally, is that the moon

peeking over the horizon there?

Yes, it is.

It's going to be a beautiful,

clear night.

And it looks like

it could be a full moon.

Sally, that moon is very, very busy.


Hmm. Um, what do you mean

by 'busy', Possum?

Well, last night I saw the moon

going up into the night sky.


Oh, yes?

And then I went to bed.

And when I woke up in the morning,

I had a look outside,

and I couldn't see it anywhere.

It had gone.


And now it's over there.

How did he get from this side

to that side?

Well, you have thought a lot

about it, haven't you, Possum?

Is it like the sun,

going around the Earth?

Well, it's a bit different.

The sun doesn't move - it is actually

the Earth that is spinning.


Um, I'm confused.

OK. It's best that I show you.

Can you stand up?



We are going to pretend that you

are the Earth, where we are,

and this is going to be the sun, OK?


The sun shines its light onto you.

Now, turn around.



There. When you were turning around,

what did you see?

Um, I can see the sun.

And when you're turning,

what happens?

Um... Oh!

I can't see the sun.


Oh, OK!

So, the Earth is actually rotating.

It's not the sun

moving through the sky.

The sun stays still,

and the Earth rotates.

And that is how day becomes night.

Wh... Whoa.

Sally, I'm seeing stars.

Oh, well, you'd better sit down

if you're seeing stars.

(LAUGHS) I'm joking.

Oh, you're so funny.

I can see the real stars.

Oh, and I can see the moon too.

Oh, it's beautiful, isn't it?

Sally, I wish I could get

a better look at the moon.

Oh, yes. Ooh, I have an idea -

why don't I go and see Skip?

And I'll see if we can borrow

his telescope.

Then we might be able to see

the moon more clearly.


It might be a bit late, though.

I'll go and see if he's there.

You stay here, OK?


Hmm, I'm going to have a look

from the top of my tree.

Huh. Oh!

Wow! The moon is still so far!

Oh, well. It's beautiful, though.


Where's Possum?

I told him to wait here.

Oh, there he is.

Did you climb

to the top of your tree?

Yes, I wanted to see if I could

get a better look from up there,

but the moon is still so far away.

Well, the moon is

very, very far away.

But the sun is even further.

This telescope will give us a chance

to have a closer look.

Really? Can I?

Yes, have a look.

See if you can see the moon.


Oh! Sally, it looks different.

It looks great.

People have actually

been to the moon,

and they took some dust from there.

Oh! How did they get there?

In a big rocket!

Those people rode in the rocket,

and then they travelled

a very, very long way,

and when they got there,

they had a look around,

collected a few things,

and came back.

That's amazing!

Oh, yes!

Only a very few people

who have trained for years and years

and that have passed

all of their tests

get to ride in a rocket.

Oh, that's great!

Hmm? Hmm.

Sally, the moon has got

some black splodges on it.

Hmm. They look like holes.

Oh, yes.

Well, the moon is round.

But there have been some big rocks

that have smashed into the moon

and created craters.

And when we look at the moon,

the craters appear dark.

That's what you can see.

Oh, that's great!

Yes, it is.



Oh, yes, good.

Hello there, Possum.


Hi, Sally.


After Sally came over, I realised

that telescope, as good as it is,

won't give you a really good,

close look at the moon.

I have a bigger telescope at home.

A bigger telescope?

Oh! Does that mean I can see

far, far, far away?

Yes, you can see quite a distance,

and it will bring the moon closer,

so you'll be able to see it

a lot better, much clearer.

Why don't you come over

and have a look tomorrow?

I'll have everything set up, and

you'll be able to see the full moon.

Oh! Can I go? Can I?

Please, please, please,

can I go have a look?

Oh, yes, it would be fun

to see the telescope.

I'd love to be able to see it.

And I do know you love

learning things, Possum.

OK, I'll see you both

tomorrow night, alright?

Oh, I'm so excited! See you.




Oh, yum!


Oh! Sally, I'm so excited.

I had a very good sleep last night

and now, I'm ready to go see Skip.

Oh, yes, so am I.

I had a look outside.

There are no clouds,

so it's a nice, clear sky.

And I know we're going to get to see

the moon through the telescope.

Oh, that's great.

Sally, can we see the Earth?

Well, not really.

We are standing on the Earth,

looking at the moon.


But to see the Earth, we'd need

to be standing on the moon.

Oh, OK, that's great.

Sally, I want to learn

so much more about space.

Oh, that would be a great idea,

if we learnt more

before we went to Skip's shed.

Ooh, why don't we watch some children

learning about space?

Yeah, let's watch!

I saw big planets on TV.

And I saw this really big telescope!

My favourite part was when I got to

see the planets up close.

Oh, that was great!

Yes, it was!

They learnt so much.

Oh, they did!

Sally, Skip was talking about

a full moon.

What's the moon full of?

Oh, well, it's probably the perfect

time to go over and see Skip

and he can explain that to you.

OK, let's go.

Let's go!


Come on, Sally.


(GASPS) Wow!

Oh, wow!

Oh, this is great!

Oh, it's beautiful!

Yes, don't just look out,

but look up.


Oh, yeah!

Oh! Ooh, Sally, it's just like

being in my tree!


(GASPS) Look at the beautiful

full moon.

Oh, it's very big.

Skip, Sally said that you'd be able

to tell me about the full moon.

OK, then. To start with, I have

a question for you, Possum.

Every night, does the moon change,

or is it always the same?

Hmm. No, the moon does change.

Sometimes I'll see it

as a little moon,

and then the next night,

it gets bigger,

and the next night,

gets bigger and bigger,

until it's a full circle.

Oh... Oh, I get it!

The moon isn't full of anything.

It's a full moon

because we can see the whole thing!

Oh! That's great!

That's right!

And then, after the full moon,

it gets smaller and smaller

and smaller,

until it's a tiny crescent.

And then it goes away.

Actually, it becomes the new moon.

Does that mean it's a new moon,

and the old one goes away?

Oh, no, the old one doesn't go away.

It's the same moon.

Tonight, we have a full moon

that we can see.

And the reason we can see the moon

is actually because

the sun is shining on it

and we can see the reflection

of that light.


Oh, that is interesting!

It's great!

Rather than just

keeping talking about it,

I've set up my telescope

so that you can see it.

Now, if it's a bit blurry for you,

Sally, just twist the knob.

OK. I'll have a look.


(GASPS) Wow! That's so far away!

But through the telescope,

I can see it so very clearly.

I can even see the craters

on the moon.

Have a look, Possum.

Oh, oh, oh!

Oh! Ooh!

(GASPS) Wow!

Oh, look at this!

Oh! Oh!

It looks like big rocks

have crashed into the moon

and created those craters!


There's so many of them!


Sally, you have another look.

OK, thank you.


Oh, it's beautiful.

Thank you. Oh, this is great!

Oh, I do like looking at the moon,

but I wouldn't want to live there,

because there's no trees.


No, there's no-one

living on the moon, Possum.

Only a very few people

have gone to visit the moon,

but they always come back.

You can't stay and live on the moon,

you just can't.

Oh, OK.

Well, I like living here,

next to your house, Sally.

Oh, thank you.

And I like living

near Skip's house too

because I can say hello to him

in his shed

and learn about

lots of different things.

Yes, I do love it

when you come to visit.


That's great.

Well, thank you so much

for tonight, Skip.

We really enjoyed

looking through your telescope.

Can we come back another night and

look at some other things in space?

Yes, of course.

Oh, great!


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Oh, can I have another look, Sally?

Oh, yes.





Sally and Possum are enjoying looking at the night sky. If only they could make it look closer. Skip has just what they need and just the right place to do it from.

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