Episode 5

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Ha-ha! Yeah!


Oh! Ooh!

(GASPS) Huh?



I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!


Yeah. Ha-ha! Huh?





What? Hello, everyone.

Have a look at this.

It looks very strange.

I was going to play some cricket,

but I can't.

This is in the way.


I wonder what it is.

It's looks like fruit.

I wonder if I could eat it.


Hm. Is it a flower?

Mmm. Mmm.

It looks like it could easily break.

I'd better be careful with it.

Hmm. I'll ask Sally. She'll know.

Huh? Oh!

I've seen THEM before.

They fly like a bird.

But they're bit different.

They fly like this.


Well, sometime they're white,

but there are other colours too.

Anyway. Huh?


What's that?

It's wriggling.


Oh, and look at those dots

on the leaf.

What are they?


Oh. Sally!

Hello. Hi, everyone.

Oh. Hi, everyone.

Would you like a drink?

Yes, but...hang on.

I've just seen

the most unusual thing.

There's something on the branch

of my tree.

You know when I play cricket,

and I hit the ball?

Well, I went to hang it up,

but there's something in the way.

It's very strange.

Mm. Hang on.

Is it the size of your cricket bat?

How big is it?

No, no, it's...about this big.

Hm. I wonder what it could be.

Never mind. Would you like a drink?

Yes, please.

Hm. Ooh.

Great. Can I have a straw, please?



Hm. Oh!

Sally, I just remembered,

I saw something else.

It looks like a bird.

It sort of flies like a bird,

but it's a bit different.

It's got wings, and it's got

some beautiful colours on them.

And flutters in the breeze.

Oh! I know what you've seen.

You've seen a butterfly!

And, I'm thinking that

I might know what that strange thing

is that you saw.

Once we've finished our drink,

we can go and have a look.

Hang on, I've got more to tell you!


As I was about to come through the

door, I looked at the plant there,

and I saw this thing

wriggling around.


Did you see anything else?

Yes, how did you know?

I saw on the leaf,

all these little dot on it.

Well, now I know

exactly what you saw.

What you saw was one kind of animal.

What? No, Sally,

they were all different.

They weren't the same.

They couldn't be.

What you've seen, Possum,

is a life cycle.

You've seen the different stages

of it.

It starts as a butterfly.

The butterfly then lays some eggs.

After the eggs have been laid,

the life cycle continues.

They are different stages.


Why don't we finish our drink,

and then we can go out side

and have a look?

I'm going to go and get the easel

and we can draw the life cycle.

OK. And I'll go get

my magnifying glass

so I can have a look at them

nice and close.

OK, let's go.

Let's go!

Quickly, Sally, look!

Oh, wow!

That is so big!


I have never seen anything

as big as that before.


This is the same as you, Possum.

All other possums are small

and you're a big possum.

This is meant to be a small thing,

but it's so big!


How strange.

The life cycle of a butterfly starts

at a certain point.

This is halfway

through the life cycle.

How about I explain

the whole thing to you?

So, is this a living thing?

Is something going to grow

out of this?

Yes, it is a living thing, Possum.

This is called a pupa.


A caterpillar has come along

and climbed up your tree,

along the branch,

and hung itself down,

and then it's formed into a pupa,

ready to grow into a butterfly,

spread its wings, and fly away.


It won't be a caterpillar any more.

Sally, could I do the same thing?

Can I wrap myself into a pupa

and then come out

as a beautiful butterfly?

Can I do that?

Oh, you're funny, Possum.

Sadly, though, you can't.

Your life cycle isn't the same

as butterfly's.

You're born as a baby possum but

a butterfly is born from an egg.

Huh? Sally, is that like a chicken?

Well, sort of...

A chicken can only lay

one or two eggs.

A butterfly can lay many, many, many,

tiny, little eggs.

Oh. Alright.

Come on over here

and I'll show you.

Oh, OK.

So, I'm going to draw

the life cycle.


I'll draw this first.




Then once it's finished

with that...





Oh, great!


Now, Possum. Can you show me

where you saw the caterpillar?

Oh, over here.



Oh, look.

They are the butterfly eggs.


(GASPS) And look.


This is the pupa.


Now that's the appropriate size

for a pupa.

The one on your tree

is very strange.

Oh, OK. Sally, those dots -

are they butterfly eggs?

Yes, they are.

Butterflies are very clever.

They'll look for the right tree

to lay their eggs on.


They'll find a very safe leaf.

And then they'll lay their eggs

and fly away.


And out of those eggs

will pop a caterpillar.


And the caterpillar

will eat the leaves.

Sometimes they'll see vegetables

and go and eat those.


Have you seen white butterflies?


Well, white butterflies

love to eat cabbage.


Sally, those eggs are very small.

How big is a caterpillar?

How does it fit in there?

Well, it's like when you were born,


You weren't born

the big possum you are today.

You were just a little possum.

You've eaten lots and grown bigger.

The eggs are the same.

The caterpillar is very small

when it pops out.

And it eats the leaves and it grows

bigger and bigger and bigger.

Sally, can that caterpillar fly?

No. All it can do is walk.

Oh, so that means that the other

caterpillar was very clever.

It walked all the way up to my tree,

and all the way up to the branch,

and then created the pupa.

Yes, that's right.

Let's go back over here.


See, the butterfly lays the...?

The eggs!

That's right.

They're the eggs.

That's right.

Now, once that's done,

what hatches out?

The caterpillar!

Yes, that's right.

Oh, that's a great caterpillar.

Yes. And this is the life cycle

of a butterfly.

This is how it works.

See? Isn't that great?


Why don't we watch some children

learning about butterflies?

Oh, yeah.

There's a very special place

they go to.

Let's watch.



Oh. That was great!

So interesting.

Yeah, that WAS great.

Oh, I loved watching

those butterflies

and all the different

colours and patterns.

It was so good!

Oh, yes, it's amazing.

The symmetry of the wings -

they're identical.

Nothing is different.

They're beautiful.

It's almost like folding

a piece of paper in half.

They're symmetrical.

Oh, I can remember when I had

to fold that piece of paper

to make my paper aeroplane.

Oh, it had to be folded just right,

and if it wasn't,

it would have crashed.

That's right, it's just like that.

Oh, I get it now. That's fantastic.

Shall we have a look?


Where is it now?

Oh, there it is.


Do you remember when you drank

your drink through a straw?

You were like the butterfly.

What? Me? No! Ha-ha!

I'm not a butterfly.

No, you're right.

You don't look like a butterfly

at all.


But, could you imagine if

you had a nice curly bendy straw...


Well, on the butterfly's head,

they have a proboscis.

And that is like

a curly, bendy straw.

And if the butterfly sees

a lovely flower with nectar in it,

they land on it and have a drink.

It's like the nectar that bees love.

They drink it by sucking it up

through their proboscis.

And then...they fly away.


I should get a straw and suck

the nectar from a flower too.

And then I could become a butterfly.

(LAUGHS) Oh! You are funny.

I can't imagine you flying around

like a big butterfly.

You'd be the biggest butterfly

in the world.


Sally, look!

(GASPS) Ooh!



Oh, look.







Oh, wow, that was

a beautiful butterfly.

That would have to be

the world's biggest butterfly.


Oh, Sally, thank you so much

for teaching me about

butterflies and pupas

and caterpillars and eggs -

and caterpillars are nice too.

That's right. Caterpillars ARE nice.

Until they eat my vegetables!


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



(GASPS) Oh, look! Look, it's back.

Oh. Oh, wow.



The butterfly

Something amazing is hanging from Possum’s tree. And what is that beautiful thing flying around? And these things on leaves? Could they all be one animal?

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