Episode 7

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Huh?! Whoa!







I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!


Oh, hello.

Hi, everyone.

Possum is helping me make some

scrambled eggs for lunch.

Oh, I do love scrambled eggs.

Would you like me to stir the eggs

for you, Sally?

Oh, no, I'm not going to

stir the eggs.

I'm going to use the egg beater.



You could use an electric beater

for mixing, if you like,

but I love this old egg beater.


Could I have a try?

You sure can, Possum.




Mm. Oh, oh!

Oh, what's happened?

You've made a bit of a mess.

Well, I just wanted to see what

it was doing, and I made a mess.

I'm sorry, Sally.

That's OK.

We can clean it up later.

That's OK. What were you looking at?

Well, I was looking at this part.

It was spinning around.

And how these are the parts are

spinning in a different direction.




It's a very clever thing, isn't it?

What you can see are the cogs.

See? That is one cog.

And there are two cogs

at right angles to it.

So the main cogs spins the other

two cogs around, using the teeth.


And that's why the mixing blades

are spinning.


You can go backwards and forwards.

You can turn them slow or fast.


Wow. Can I do it again, Sally?

Oh, yes.



Is that enough?

Yes, it looks nice and frothy.

I'm going to cook the eggs.

I won't be long.




Now, cogs.

Hmm. I know!







Sally, look.


What a lovely drawing of the cogs.

Yeah. Look.

Oh, look at that. You've drawn how

they go together and how they rotate.


Can I add something to it?

Oh, yes.

Here you go.



See? I've drawn the arrows to show

which way the cogs turn.


That's great.

Sally, after I've had lunch,

I'm going to go outside

and see if I can find some cogs.


What a great idea, Possum.


Let's eat.

Sit down.


Hmm. Nope.

No, doesn't have any.

Hmm. Where are some cogs?

(GASPS) There!


One, two... Great!

Oh, wow.

Ahh. Oh! Sally, come here.

What is it?


So, I've been looking

around the yard,

and I thought the wheelbarrow

would have a cog.

But it doesn't. Look.

No, it doesn't have one.

But then I thought of the bike,

and come have a look.

Am I right? Is this a cog?

Yes, you are right, Possum.

I never noticed that.

Your feet sit on the pedals and the

pedals are attached to the cog.

Oh! Is that like the egg beater?

Yes, it is.

So when you pedal the bike,

the cog turns around.

But this cog has got a chain

that loops around it,

and when the cog turns,

the chain turns around too.



So, if the chain is turning,

that means there has to be a cog

at the back that will turn too.

That's right.

The chain makes the cog

on the back wheel turn,

and that's what makes the bike

move forward.

But, Sally, there's one missing

at the front.

That front wheel should have

a cog too, shouldn't it?

Well, remember the wheelbarrow?

That doesn't have a cog, does it?

We steer it with our arms and

it goes in the direction we want.

That's the same as the bike.

The back wheel

pushes the bike forward

and the front wheel

is just for steering.

Oh. Oh, I love

learning new things, Sally.

Can I go tell Skip?

Oh, yes.

He'd love to hear what you've learnt.

Great. OK.

I'm going to show him this.

Oh, yes, show him.

Ah, hello. Come on in. (CHUCKLES)

In you come, Possum.

Hey, Skip, look what I've got.

Oh. Hmm.

Skip, what are you thinking about?

I was thinking about lunch.

We've just had lunch.

Sally cooked me some scrambled eggs.

They were delicious.

Sorry, there's none left for you.

No, I wasn't thinking about

eating lunch.

I was just thinking about

when I used to work on the boats.

It was my job

to look out for icebergs,

and I'd have to

sit up in the crow's nest

and I'd have to let the captain know

where to steer the ship.

Sitting up there

was a very hungry job

and they used to

deliver my lunch to me.

The ship's cook

organised a pulley system

and they were able to hoist the

lunch up to me in the crow's nest.

They had a bike wheel down one end,

and with the rope,

they'd be able to hoist my lunch

all the way up

so that I'd be able

to eat my lunch in the crow's nest.

Oh! I just learned about

an egg beater and how it has cogs,

and how the cogs

make the blades spin around.

Oh, you mean this, Possum?

You try it.



The cogs are moving together

to make the drill bit move.

That allows the drill bit

to drill holes in the wood.

Oh, that's great.

Oh! I just learned as well

that on a bike,

you have pedals attached to a cog.

And then there's a chain

that wraps around

and goes to another cog at the back.

Then, when you push the pedals,

the cogs move the back wheel.

(LAUGHS) Possum, you've done it.

Thank you.

I've been trying to work out

how to make this gizmo work.

I've got plenty of old bike parts

and now you've solved the problem

for me.

And now we'll be able to assemble

the pulley system.

(GASPS) What are we going to use

to make it, Skip?

Right. Well, I've got the rope, I've

got the pulley, I've got the wheel.

All I need is a cog to make it work.

Hmm, OK.

Oh, Sally's here!

She'll be able to help us.

(CHUCKLES) Alright.





(GASPS) You've been

playing with cogs!

Yes. I've been drawing this picture

and I couldn't work out

what I needed,

and then Possum spoke about cogs

and he's given me a great idea

to assemble something.

Oh, that's great.

Why don't we watch children learning

about all sorts of different cogs?


Oh, yes.

I do love seeing children

learning new things.

Alright, let's watch.

Let's watch.


Oh, that was great.

I loved watching those children


Oh, right.

Now, I've got this tape measure.


Can you please, Possum,

from your tree,

to Sally's door, can you measure

the distance for me?

Oh, yeah. OK. I can do that.

Now, Sally, while I'm doing that,

you must help Skip, OK?

Aye aye, Possum. (LAUGHS)


Alright, bye!


Right, now, Sally. Can you help me?

Can you bring this over for me?


Uh-huh. Yes.



Oh, he's back!

(LAUGHS) Right.

Now, Possum,

did you do the measurements?

Can you tell them to Sally, please?

Right. From my tree to your house,

Sally, is six metres.


Six metres. Alright.

Skip, why did you need to know

the distance?

Well, before, when we were having

that conversation about lunch,

it gave me an idea about making

something special for you.

In case it's a rainy day and you

don't want to leave your treehouse,

and if Sally doesn't want to go out

in the rain to bring you some lunch,

we can use this

to deliver it to you.

(GASPS) Do you mean

this is for my tree?

Oh, how great!

I'm so excited!

Hang on, Possum.

You can't use it every day, OK?

Only sometimes.

But it will be good fun.



Ready? I'll show you what happens.

We've already made it, so this is

what we're going to do.

We've got a cog here that,

as I twist the pedal,

the cog will move the wheel.

Now, that's attached to the rope,

and it will pull it all across.

Oh! I see.

Oh, great!


So, you pull it. You pull. Pull.

Oh! That's great.



(LAUGHS) Lunch is ready.

It's ready.

In here.

Would you like to do it, Sally?

Oh, yes.

Are you ready up there, Possum?

Come on, come on.


That's it. Good. Good.


(LAUGHS) Yeah!


Ooh! Thank you.

Down you go. Off you go.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, yum, yum,

yum, yum, yum.

Yum yum.

Oh, bring it back up.




There you go. Thank you.

Down you go.


Oh, this is great. Such fun.


Today we learned so much about cogs

and how they can be used,

like this pulley system.

Well, our time is up.

Oh! Thanks for watching.


See you next time.



Bye. Bring it up again.

OK, let's give it

a little bit of a tune-up.

The amazing egg-beater

Look at this! Possum’s hand is going in this direction, but the egg-beater is turning a different way. What wonderful things cogwheels are!

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